Map of UK and Ireland Guitar Societies

The society recently received an email with a link to a map of a lot of the guitar societies in the UK and Ireland. If you would like to have a look, just click the link below.


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Hello, I run a music publishers company and organize the First Guitar Composition Competition Fidelio via Internet. You can join this guitar competition without leaving home. No matter how far you live. To enter this guitar competition you only have to improvise a three minute own guitar work and send your audio file, you don’t need to write it, as simple as that. Registration: 9 euros or equivalent in dollars. Three Prizes, one in cash. Important! The work must be played with Spanish or classical guitar only. (electric or acoustic is not accepted) In this competition the entrants choose the winners through a rating system published in the web. You also can participate with pseudonym. Any style or level. (classical, jazz, flamenco, folk, brasileira, blues..etc.) Many countries involved. Deadline 30 th June. Thank you!

Finally I would like to inform you that in case someone from your society decides to take part in the competition, you can send me your logotype to promote your society in the competition website for free by linking both sites during the voting rounds. Our website is visited by many guitarists all around the world.

Antonio Ruiz Asumendi
Manager of Fidelio

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