Guitars for sale

A few individuals have contacted the society in the hope of selling guitars in their possession. Here is the description of the first:

“It is a Manuel Rodriguez Model FC Pro Classic Guitar in excellent condition and has been well looked after. Selling due to the fact my grandfather can no longer play it.

I have recently been in contact with a guitar dealer that was able to give me a used value price of £1050 but this is negotiable.”



The second has been offered by an aspiring luthier who is selling their concert instrument in order to pursue building guitars. His description is below:
“Please find attached photos of the guitar I have for sale. As stated this is a 1a Especial Doplo Tapa with a beautiful Brazillian rosewood back and doubled Brazillian sides. The spruce top gives fantastic seperation and at the same time a rich tone with plenty of sustain. The condition of this guitar is excellent with only minor play wear and some minor marks in the laquer. I am only asking £3500 gbp and I will pay shipping. Considering it is worth £5500-6500 in its current condition this is a bargain.”



If anyone is interested in these instruments please contact the society via our Facebook page or email secretary.guitar at gmail dot com.

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