December 2021 Newsletter

I am delighted to inform you that Paul has volunteered to convene the first meeting at the college…..Truly an historic event!  No more fitting stalwart member to be in the lead on that day.  You are now invited to book in for the meeting on Sunday 9th January 2022 (NOTE this meeting is now fully booked).  This will be on a first come-first booked basis.  We are able to accept 12 members in addition to Paul as convener.  It may be necessary to ask members to step aside from subsequent meetings (from time to time) so that we can provide equity of access.

The dates of subsequent meetings are planned as follows:

6th February

6th March

3rd April

8th May

5th June

Membership Subscriptions: So far seven members have paid their 2021-22 subscriptions.  I want to remind the remaining membership (except for honorary members) to please make a contribution of £10-00 to Society funds.

Best wishes for the New Year and here’s to a successful meeting on 9th January!


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