About the Society

The Classical Guitar Society of Northern Ireland is an amateur music society with an interest in performance on the nylon strung Spanish/classical guitar. There are approximately 30 members with 10-20 or more attending Society meetings regularly. The Society meets monthly in the Ulster College of Music, 13 Windsor Avenue, Belfast. Meetings are usually held on the first Sunday of each month beginning at 3.00pm. Members meet in small groups to try out new pieces and discuss various aspects of performance, and then the whole group meets together for an informal recital. Performances include solos; duos; trios and occasional larger ensembles. The Society participates in the Ards Guitar Festival, the City of Derry Guitar Festival, the Belfast City Hospital Arts Care Spring Festival, Holywood Culture Night and a whole range of other musical events throughout Northern Ireland.

The membership comprises a mixed ability group ranging from beginners to advanced. The Society is proud of its track record in encouraging and facilitating the development of several young members who have moved on to successful professional careers.

Everybody is welcome to come along and experience a great afternoon of guitar music, and all guitarists and non-players with an with an interest in the classical guitar are welcome – indeed encouraged – to join the Society! Just contact the secretary via secretary.cgsni@gmail.com.

Robert Cuthbert, Chairman