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The guitar society is more than happy to provide teacher contact details to any interested parties learning to play classical guitar in all parts of the country.

Just get in touch with us and let us know how we can help! Just email the Secretary at secretary.cgsni <at>

Below are contact details of some teachers and the areas they work in:

Michael Watters – Tel: 07821727392


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  1. Jaimie Richarson / Jan 18 2013


    Im interested in sitting grades in classical guitar. Im an HND music student from Armagh and was wondering if there are any teachers in the area.

    • Admin / Feb 25 2013

      Hi there, sorry about the delay in replying – I will pass your details on to the society and see if we have any teachers in Armagh in our membership!

  2. Peter Brennan / Jul 11 2013

    Hi there

    I am enquiring on behalf of my dad, who lives in Coleraine. He has taught himself to play the classical guitar, but is desperately in need of some tuition or guidance from a more experienced guitarist! He has had no luck whatsoever in locating any potential teachers in the north coast area. I would be grateful if you could even let me know if there is a teacher anywhere who may be in a position to assist him over the course of one or two days. I will pay whatever is necessary, just to shut him up!

    Many thanks

    Peter Brennan

  3. Kevin Brennan / Jul 11 2013

    I live in Coleraine and am in a classical guitar cul de sac.Is there anybody in this area can point me in the right direction to get out or break out the other side or start me off again in the right direction

    • Admin / Jul 24 2013

      Hi Kevin – many apologies for the delay in replying to you. I will pass your details on to the secretary and we’ll see what we can do for you!


  4. Michael Watters / Jan 27 2014

    Hello Keith. Can you put me on your list of classical guitar teachers. I can help the guy from Coleraine if he is prepared to come to Derry for lessons.
    My phone number is 07821727392.

    • Admin / Feb 24 2014

      Hi Michael – I have put you on the list. Do you have a preference for what areas you teach in?

      Sorry it took so long for a response – I only really update the website when there are new meetings to post.



  5. Michael Watters / Jun 2 2014

    Hello Matthew. If the guy from Coleraine wants to come to Derry for lessons I can accomodate him.
    Michael Watters

  6. John Hanna / Jul 13 2014

    Hi I was wondering are there any classical guitar teachers in the Banbridge area? Would be willing to travel 15-20 miles. Thanks.

    • Admin / Jul 15 2014

      Hi John – sorry about the delay in replying. I will send out an email to the members to see if anyone is available. We start our meetings again in September if you would like to come too!

  7. harry / Feb 27 2015

    I am looking for a classical guitar teacher / tutor to levels 5-8 possibly.
    I Based in Belfast Off Malone Road.
    Kind regards Harry

  8. Stewart Hudson / Jun 28 2015

    At 76 my bucket list contains the wish to play Cavatina on classical guitar. I will buy the guitar tomorrow. I currently play Folk and Country and Western on Acoustic. Can’t read music. I live in Lisburn.

    Any teachers within 20 miles willing?


    • Admin / Aug 3 2015

      Stewart sorry it took so long to reply – the website doesn’t get checked often except for meeting updates, and we’re on our break until the start of the next year of activities. I’ll pass your request on to the secretary to see if anyone can help you.

  9. A Coolins / Mar 1 2017

    Interested in Classical Guitar Tuition. Newtownards area if possible??

    ps Tried e-mail didn’t work for me

    Kind Regards

    • Admin / Mar 27 2017

      Hi there – sorry about the late response, the website is only updated about once a month. Please try emailing secretary.cgsni, but make sure you replace with @.

  10. STEPHEN MCCLUSKEY / Nov 20 2017

    Hi, I’m looking for a classical guitar teacher. I love in lurgan. Are there any on your list in the nearby area? Thanks

    • Admin / Nov 22 2017

      Hi Stephen,

      I’d recommend you to get in touch with the secretary at to see if we can help! You can also join the Facebook group and ask away.

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