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An individual has gotten in touch with the society with a guitar for sale. Below is the description:

“I have a classical guitar made by Scottish luthier Colin Morrison which I would like to sell and I wondered if any of your members might be interested? Obviously the market for classical guitars in N Ireland is small so I thought making contact with your society might be the best way to reach someone who might be interested.

It is a rosewood guitar with spruce top in very good condition, it was refurbished by the luthier himself before I bought it having been previously owned by a professional classical guitarist in London. It has been played rarely since as work/family commitments have left me without enough time for it. It comes with a Hiscox hard case.”

If anyone is interested, please contact the Secretary at secretary <dot> cgsni <at> gmail <dot> com.

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hi there

could you please give me a bit more information about the colin morrison guitar and possibly price



Hi Steve,

Sorry about the lateness of this response, the website is usually left alone over the summer when the society is dormant. If you haven’t already, please email your request to secretary.cgsni and we should be able to help you.


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